Commercial roofers have a saying: a roof is 10% of your building’s cost—and protects 100% of your business. That’s why it’s essential to make the best roofing decisions. We can help you make acceptable choices. With our experience, expertise, and partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers, we’ll give you all the advice and assistance you need to maximize the value of every dollar you spend on your roof.

Gold Star Service

We’ve earned Gold Star Contractor status from CertainTeed, our commercial roofing supplier. It’s their highest ranking and only a small fraction of commercial roofers have the experience, workmanship, and track record of successful installation and service to qualify for the certification. Since they recognize us as the best of the best, they provide our customers with the longest warranty coverage offered on commercial structures – up to 30 years on materials and labor.

certainteed gold star commercial contractor


When we install, replace, or patch a roof, we use a smooth heat welded modified roofing system developed by CertainTeed. We’ve found this to be the most cost-effective and durable system available, and with a range of coatings available, we can tailor this roof to your requirements and budget. Additionally, as a CertainTeed Gold Star Contractor, we can offer you the company’s strongest, longest-lasting warranties.

CertainTeed Roofing Contractor
New Construction

Specifying the right roofing system significantly reduces a new structure’s total life cycle costs. Choosing the right roofing company to install it assures that you’ll get all the performance, longevity, and durability that was designed into the system. The right installer will also be there for you down the road to maintain the roof and quickly respond when the inevitable emergencies occur.

As a CertainTeed Gold Star Contractor, we’ve met the highest standards in the industry for everything from employee education to installation practices and business ethics. Likewise, our track record has made us a valued partner for the leading commercial contractors in the area. These are companies that value their hard-won reputations. And they’re willing to stake their reputations on our performance.

Existing Roof Replacements

A roof is the most vulnerable part of any structure and is under constant assault from weather and wear. Even the best roofs eventually deteriorate and cause incredibly expensive problems to the structure and its contents. By the time you notice the first leak, significant damage has probably already occurred.

Of course, not every damaged roof requires replacement. But if more than 25% of the roof is damaged, if insulation is marginal (or wet), and if there is significant damage to structure or underlayment, a replacement is probably the most cost-effective solution. Hence, before you make a repair vs. replacement decision, contact us. We’ll give you an honest and detailed evaluation that’ll help you make the right choice.

Repairs / Upgrades

Whether the cause is instantaneous (an accident or severe weather) or simply gradual deterioration (wear and tear), every roof eventually requires repair.

Sometimes the danger signs are obvious—leaks, standing water, bubbling or blistering, blow-offs or tenting, and tears or gaps in the cover or flashing. Often, it takes an expert to catch a problem before it requires expensive and extensive attention. Our free, no-obligation roof survey will give you an accurate update on your roof’s true condition to help you identify issues, prevent problems, minimize repair costs, and extend roof life.

Scheduled Maintenance

A strong maintenance program not only extends roof life, it also prevents and minimizes problems that lead to expensive repairs and replacements; it gives you peace of mind. It’s one of the soundest investments you can make to your structure.

Our maintenance programs are tailored to each customer. They range from simple visual inspections to complete annual surveys that include cleaning and repair to roof drains and gutters.