Is it time to repair or replace?

When it comes to roofs, homeowners have two big questions to answer:

  1. When should I replace or repair my roof?
  2. Who should do the work?

The checklist below will help you answer the first question.

For the second question, all we ask is that you compare us to the competition. Talk to our references, do online research, examine the quality of our work and the professionalism of our people, evaluate the warranties (and the likelihood the company behind it will still be around to honor it).

Then judge for yourself.

Check Your Roof

Roof Age

A roof doesn't always show its age. Since materials vary from builder to builder, a "30-year shingle" doesn't necessarily mean you won't run into problems. 

If you’re getting close to the 20-year mark, it might be time for an inspection just to make sure you don’t have a problem waiting for you. 

Leaks / Water Damage
Sagging Roof & Shingles
Visible Light
Curling / Buckled Shingles
Missing / Damaged Shingles
Loose Granules
Damaged Flashing
Moss, Mildew, & Mold

Why Certification Matters

It’s a little-known fact: roofing manufacturers provide the longest, most complete warranties to customers who use roofing companies that have earned the manufacturer’s highest certification. That’s because manufacturers know their product will be installed in a superior manner—and will last longer, with fewer problems for the homeowner.

In order to earn CertainTeed Gold Star status, Bob’s Roofing underwent a thorough evaluation that scrutinized everything from the quality of our installations to the ethics of our business practices. But it was worth it. Now, we can offer residential customers the best installation warranty in the business: a full 15 years on materials, and 5 years on labor, all backed by one of the largest, most respected names in the industry.

certainteed gold star commercial contractor
Residential Roofing in Ludington, Manistee, & Whitehall, MI
CertainTeed Roofing Contractor

All shingles are not created equal. Since there are no set standards or testing for residential shingles, manufacturers can make any claim they want when it comes to shingle life. It’s entirely possible that one company’s ’15-year’ shingle can easily outperform and outlast another company’s ’30-year’ shingle.

Over the years, we’ve found that CertainTeed Landmark® shingles are the most uniform, dependable, and durable shingles. CertainTeed gives realistic shingle life ratings to their products, and their warranties are the most comprehensive—and trustworthy—that we’ve ever encountered. As a result, they’re our choice for the residential shingle roofs we install or repair.

“Bob’s Roofing Company did a great job on our roof. Even when rain moved in quicker than forecasted, the crew worked extra hours (some worked a 12 hour shift) just to beat the weather. There was no complaining and they did an excellent job cleaning up. These guys are real professionals!”

~ Steve & Andrea Carlson

“I would recommend Bob’s Roofing to anyone. It’s nice to work with local people that are trustworthy and committed to quality service.”

~ Adam Lamb

“I loved my experience with Bob’s Roofing. They were fast, friendly, and thorough…not to mention clean and tidy. Thank you!”

~ Jaynell Hogan