Bob’s Roofing, Inc., is fully qualified and certified to handle municipal projects of all sizes. We meet applicable labor, safety, licensing, insurance, and bonding requirements. And with a reputation earned in over 40 years of successful residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects, we can meet or exceed the goals and parameters set for any project.


For residential style shingle roofing, we rely on CertainTeed products. Over the years, we’ve used products from every major manufacturer, and we’ve found that the Landmark® series offers quality, consistency, durability and overall value making them the market leader. We use CertainTeed smooth heat welded modified roofing systems on flat and low slope roofs. This high-tech system is tough, long-lasting, and versatile. In our experience, it is the most cost-effective approach to institutional roofing.

Since we are a preferred installer for CertainTeed, our work is backed with the strongest materials and labor warranties offered—and they offer some of the best in the business.

CertainTeed Roofing Contractor
New Construction

With our broad range of expertise in residential, commercial, and industrial structures, we’re qualified to handle almost any municipal or governmental roof installation, from residential style shingles to institutional flat/low slope roofs. We’ll work closely with your architects, engineers, and planners—along with our suppliers and industry partners—to provide an installed roofing system that’s cost-effective in the short- and long-term.

Existing Roof Replacements

A new roof can mean a whole new beginning for a municipal structure. In terms of energy efficiency, maintenance minimization, and operating economy a replaced roof can transform a building’s viability for years to come.

We offer the most durable and effective roofing systems, installed by a team of the most experienced and dedicated roofing professionals. Even on the most challenging projects, we’ll work with you to contain costs, meet deadlines, and minimize any impact the roofing project has on the building’s availability and function.

Repairs / Upgrades

In a time of tight municipal budgets, the proper upgrades and repairs can postpone the need for a new roof for years or even decades. We have the expertise to know the right way to solve your roofing issues, the tools and technologies that perform best, and the skills and standards to assure the job is done right the first time. It’s a combination that provides incredibly cost-effective results.

When bad things happen to your roofs, we’re the best people to know. We offer complete 24/7/365 emergency service; we can get to the problem to minimize costly damage to the roof, structure, and building contents before it gets any worse.

Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to avoid unplanned maintenance is with planned maintenance. We’ll partner with you to develop programs that will keep roofs and drainage systems clean, leak-free, and functioning properly.

Our inspections will identify potential problems before they become expensive repairs. They’ll also give you a detailed and accurate understanding of each roof’s condition to help you plan and budget future roofing work with greater confidence—and fewer unpleasant (and expensive) surprises.